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    Handout for the May Leadership Conference

    Speaker Ron Culberson's handout: "Do it Well. Make it Fun."
      - please print Mr. Culberson's handout, and bring it with you to the May 18 Conference.
    Develop the Possibilities with Great Leadership: Conference Brochure

    Presentation and Information from the April 11, 2018 Meeting

    April 2018 Business Meeting Presentation
    Worksite Wellness Presentation

    Presentation and Information from the March 14, 2018 Meeting

    March 2018 Business Meeting Presentation
    Legal Updates for the HR Professional
    Please download and print a copy of the case studies that Tracey Eberling, Esq., presented.

    Presentation and Information from the February 14, 2018 Meeting

    February 2018 Business Meeting Presentation
    Employee Engagement Presentation

    Presentation and Information from the January 10, 2018 Meeting

    January 2018 Business Meeting Presentation
    Talent Mobility Presentation

    Report of Continuing Challenges and Best Practices
    from the HR Skills Advisory Council 2015/201616

    Download PDF report HERE

    Presentation and Information from the February 8, 2017 Meeting

    February 2017 Business Meeting Presentation
    Cultivisor's "Building a Better Appraisal Program"
    Sample Performance Observation Form
    Performance Evaluation Software from Cultivisor

    Presentation and Information from the January 11, 2017 Meeting

    January 2017 Business Meeting Presentation

    Identity Theft in the Workplace and Its Impact on HR

    Presentation and Information from the November 9, 2016 Meeting

    November 2016 Business Meeting Presentation

    The Training Hierarchy of Needs

    Training Hierarchy Worksheet

    Presentation and Information from the March 9, 2016 Meeting

    March 2016 Meeting Presentation

    EPSHRM ADA General Overview

    Millennials in the Workplace Dialogue Project

    "The Wave of Website and Other ADA Accessibility Claims--What you should Know"

    JAN Publication Highlights Importance of Monitoring Accommodations

    Four Powerful Companies Explain Why They Value Employees with Disabilities

    SHRM:  Preparing for the Aging Workforce

    Mid-Atlantic ADA Center Website Training Page

    Presentation and Information from the February 10, 2016 Meeting

    February 2016 Business Meeting Presentation

    February 2016 EPSHRM Meeting Presentation

    **These materials may be used for informational purposes only.  They do not constitute and should not be construed as legal advice.

    Presentation and Information from the January 13, 2016 Meeting

    January 2016 ESPHRM Meeting Presentation

    Presentations and Information from the November 12, 2015 Meeting

    The Three Rs of Human Resource Management for Millennial Employees: Recruit, Relate, and Retain

    Understanding Multigenerational Work-Value Conflict Resolution

    Applying Gilbert's Teleonomics to Engineer Worthy Performance in Generation Y Employees

    Presentations and Information from the October 14, 2015 Meeting

    Leveraging Behavioral Economics - Part I

    Leveraging Behavioral Economics - Part II

    Improving Wellness Engagement with Behavioral Economics

    Using Behavioral Economics to Encourage Employees to Make Better Decisions about their 401 (k) plans

    Legislative Update– June 30th, 2015

    Legislative Report – June 10th, 2015

    Presentations and Information from the 2015 EPSHRM Annual Conference

    CALLING OUT Toxic Employees Leads to CLEANING UP Toxic Workplaces - Article by Maurico Velasquez, MBA

    Toxic Employees Toxic Work Environments - Presented by Mauricio A. Velasquez, MBA

    Hiring the "Right" Person...The 1st Time!! - Presented by Judy Whipp Mills, MBA

    Presentation from the May 13, 2015 Meeting

    Dealing with Difficult Employees - Presented by Beth Walker

    Legislative Report – May 13th, 2015

    Legislative Report – April 8th, 2015

    Legislative Report – March 11th, 2015

    Presentation from the February 11, 2015 Meeting

    Social Media & Professional Development - Presented by Madeline Roberts and Rachel A. Adler

    Legislative Report - February 11, 2015

    Legislative Report - January 14, 2015

    Legislative Report - December 11, 2014

    Legislative Report - November 12, 2014

    Presentation from the November 12, 2014 Meeting

    So tell me where it hurts?: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Build Credibility - Presented by Wendy Anson, SPHR

    Legislative Report - October 8, 2014

    Presentations and Resources from 2014 Benefits Conference

    Compliance Seminar: Surving an Audit - Presented by Dana Brunn

    Compliance Seminar: Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Presented by Dana Brunn

    Sexual Harassment: What You Need to Know - Presented by Tracey Eberling

    The Afforadable Care Act (ACA) and What Comes Next - Presented by Adam Solander

    Drive Business Success with Workplace Flexibility - Presented by Cassidy Solis

    Guide to Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work - Provided by Cassidy Solis

    This is an exclusive offer to members of the WV SHRM.  The links below will provide information to you in order to assist you in gaining answers and training in regards to the Form I-9 and E-Verify (to include how to register for over two dozen ‘free’ monthly webinars.  See below:

    • Attend free live webinars about Form I-9, E-Verify, and Self Check to stay informed.  If interested, Dave Basham, Management & Program Analyst for the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Department of Homeland Security will deliver the webinar/s via their platform and would provide the power point presentation in advance to provide to attendees in advance.
    • To learn more about e-verify, click this link:  E-Verify.




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